Night circus by Erin Morgestern

Here, I am reviewing a book that I currently read.

If you are going for a book which is magical then it’s your’s.

Protagonists:Marco & Celia

Plot: In the world of dazzling enchanting. Celia’s father “Hector Bowen ” was a great magician to whom everyone admire. Once he found out that he was having a daughter he kept her with him.Then a latter day a man in grey suit arrived to Mr.Bowen regarding some circus.That time in their conversations it was set that there would be a competition all about magic. Mr.Bowen told that his daughter will be one of them to participate.That man agreed.

To find someone who can play against Celia that man choose a boy named Marco who was a orphan.That man even didn’t bother to ask Marco’s name.Even Marco was choose because he was quite intelligent and also was a bookworm.He gave Marco a lots of books regarding magics to read.

Celia and Marco were raised they even didn’t know each other and also they were brought up in different places.

After sometime,Marco even met a girl named Isobel. They fell in love with each other .

Then lots of other characters arrived.

After a certain time , Celia Bowen arrived at the circus where Marco was in .A lots of people were impressed with Celia’s work.

Plot twist:Both Celia and Marco started talking to each other,that time Marco confesses his love for Celia and left Isobel in tears.Marco and Celia even shared some special mmoments among them.

Earlier they knew that the game was just about winning ,but the whole is that the one has to be killed. When Celia came to know this he went to Marco that she doesn’t want to play the game and also told Marco to leave her b’cus in between Isobel told Celia all of the staff that Marco even broke her heart ,used her. He will even in that intention to Celia too.So celia instantly left and vanishes from the place.

Day by day Marco became depressed and worried about himself

When Isobel saw him in that situation she went to celia that Marco truly loves her and after that Celia returns to Marco then Marco said that he didn’t love Isobel he just felt attracted to her cause he was all those years living alone and he wanted someone beside him.But regarding Celia he loved her more than anything in the world.Then Celia instantly kisses Marco on his lips.

Then what about the competition?

A boy named Widget who used to live their with his sister Poppet. He explained to the man in grey suit that in the world rather than proving oneself that who is more strong their a is more important thing which is Skill . By listening to him the man agreed. And then a circus began happily foreever.

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